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If you’ve checked out the competition’s rates, you already know—electricity is expensive! When you join the Almika Solar family, you’ll quickly see your savings start to stack up. Almika Solar provides deserving Texans with efficient, economical energy solutions without sacrificing exceptional service.

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When it comes to your utilities, you need a company you can really trust. Almika Solar is committed to providing affordable, reliable service to all of our valued customers. For sustainable solar energy solutions that deliver, Almika Solar is here for you.

Secure Energy

Get connected with Almika Solar and have your utilities up-and-running in no time. Take control of your power plan with the installation of solar panels right from the comfort of your home or office. Utilizing solar energy generated from your own personal domain provides a safer, more dependable energy source.

About Almika

Almika Solar is an innovative power company leading the pack of environmentally-conscious energy providers in Texas.

At Almika, we’re focused on providing top-notch utility services to the families across the state.

We strive to match Texans with sustainable solar energy plans that are tailored to their unique budget, lifestyle, and professional needs.

The power bill doesn’t have to break the bank—or put a strain on the environment!
By relying on renewable solar energy generated by the sun, Almika is able to provide customers with the best of both worlds—budget-friendly, planet-protecting energy plans and packages.

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Whether you’re in the market for a new residential energy plan, Almika Solar has exactly what you need—at a price that will make you smile.
Soak up solar energy and start saving with an environmentally-conscious, forward-thinking power company.

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